The Refrigerator

170 x 87 x 80 cm

Exhibition of the gallery owners' private refrigerator including its varying contents as well as private magnets, photographs papers etc. on the facade.

The exhibition took place in the Isolation Room / Gallery Kit (IR/GK), which is a 2 x 2 x 2.8 meter white cube built in the dining room of a private residence in the suburbs of St. Louis (US). The concept of IR/GK is to focus on a single artwork per exhibition cycle.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a book was launched entitled The Refrigerator, containing a photo essay - and analysis by sociologist Ulla Holm, art critic Carl Martin Faurby, artist Sarrita Hunn and anthropologist Mette Krog.

Excerpts from exhibition statement:

'With this project, I presented a site-specific displacement of the household refrigerator by removing it from its ordinary position in the kitchen to the exhibition space located in the dining room. This gesture highlights the appliance often described as ‘the heart of the house’, as a somewhat private, closed withdrawn and obscure place.

Placing the refrigerator on public display in the white cube, complete with spotlights, and revealing the stored contents for this specific household reverses everyday life. How will the viewer, and not least the proprietor, act in relation to the exhibited fridge? Will I (as a guest) get a better understanding of my host by looking into their fridge?

Danes like their fridges and recent media attention has focused on the power of the refrigerator. On a national television show titled, “Vis mig dit køleskab” (transl. Show me your fridge), Danes were entertained by looking into the refrigerators of different people. But what can you actually find out about a person or family by looking into their refrigerator? And as a foreigner, can one get a better insight into another culture through their fridge?'